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Why the name Asmodean anyway? Who or what is he? Well, simply put, Asmodean is a character from the Wheel of Time series written by the late Robert Jordan. He was one of the original 13 forsaken male Aes Sedai who was, (in my opinion), one of the best characters of this great series. Let me say right now that this web site is in no way trying to make money or take away from anything WoT related. I am simply a huge fan of all things "Wheel of Time", and specifically, Asmodean. Even though Asmodean died, his personality was one which I could identify with. Don't ask how because I can't explain it myself exactly. Anyway, you may read the Wheel of Time FAQ to find out more about Asmodean and most importantly, The Wheel of Time itself. Please note that the WoT FAQ there is quite outdated now. Instead, you might want to consider following The WoT Re-Read Blog. Of course, many people ask the famous question, "Who killed Asmodean?" There are many theories on this, so, you will just have to read the final books to find out.

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A Little About me

Who is this Raul guy anyway? I'm just an ordinary guy who likes reading, computers, and playing games. I registered this domain in January 2000 for no particular reason other than to show my friends and family how I feel about Asmodean. For many years it was my main domain. However eventually I registered a domain which is based off my name and use that instead. Based on what you find here you can get some idea of what kind of person I am. The domain RaulGallegos.com is more current and talks more about me but I seem to never get enough time to update the site as often as I should. So check things out and you will get to know me better. Oh, and hey! If any links do not work as they should, leave me feedback.

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